Write From Your Heart

write from your heart

Today, Jesus has helped me to better understand my need to be real. For when I am honest with myself, I can be true to others. This way of walking isn’t always easy, but it does free me to allow others to see me for who I truly am. Therefore, I will continue to show others my pain, share my struggles, rejoice in my victories, and let them know about my desire to write straight from my heart.

So, right now, may you also be encouraged in this endeavor with me. What would it look like for you to do the same thing? What if you lowered your defenses and shared your true feelings with your audience?


Lord Jesus,

Help each one of us as writers to share straight from our hearts. Give us the courage to step forward, the peace to conquer our fears, and the love to support this desire.  Let the outflow of your presence guide our steps. May your Holy Spirit inspire us to creatively release whatever you have placed within us. Thank you, Lord Jesus, Amen.