Take Away My Pain

parts in pain

If you experiencing pain, you know what it feels like. It’s can be very uncomfortable, quite upsetting, and you can spend a lot of time and money finding relief.

You may turn to prescription drugs, but they can become addictive, and their side effects can create further problems.

Alternative healthcare can be a better option, but it’s usually more expensive, and sometimes it may take longer to see any lasting results.

Regardless of what you decide, remember to always soak your pain in prayer.

As you seek Jesus of Nazareth take time to rest, relax, and abide in Him. He can help you to redirect your focus, provide you with comfort, and strengthen you when you feel weak.

Jesus cares for you, for in your desperation He reminds you that you are truly loved. As you search for answers, ask Him to wipe away your tears, and allow Him to calm your troubled heart.


Lord Jesus,

Come and rescue me. Comfort me in my sorrow, reassure me of your presence, and help me to remain rooted and grounded in your love. Heal me of my affliction, as I look to you who bore my grief and pain on the cross. Provide me with your peace to calm my anxious thoughts, your patience to persevere, and your gentleness to soothe my aching soul. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I look forward to your generous response. Amen.