Sunday School Prayer

sunday school prayer

Lord Jesus,

I pray for our children as they attend sunday school today. May you give them ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to believe in you. Help them to listen and follow the instructions of their teachers. Give them opportunities to learn new things, to have fun at whatever they do, and to be reminded of how much you love them.

Teach them how to share with one another, help one another, and prefer one another above themselves. Encourage each child to participate in class, to speak up when spoken to, and to respect other children who might be having a difficult time.

May our children flourish in their ability to learn, to be creative, and to remember the valuable life lessons that will shape their future. Guide their steps, and help them to follow you, wherever you lead them. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

The Truth About Chemtrails

the truth about chemtrails

So what is the truth about chemtrails? Are they actually contrails – meaning just water vapor in the sky – left over from the exhaust of planes flying over us?

Maybe these trails are the same thing that appears, but just in smaller quantities, when you are warming up your car on a cold winter’s day?

Growing up, I don’t remember seeing the haze in the sky lasting so long, the criss-cross patterns of the trails being so apparent, nor being concerned about the effects on our health. Rather, I actually remember days of bright blue skies, long-lasting sunshine, and being able to breathe in clean fresh air.

If you would like to begin to read resources on chemtrails, I would suggest that you start with Philip Stallings, and his article called: The Facts About Chemtrails. If you become aware of any other research on this topic, please let me know. Thanks!


Lord Jesus,

As much Satan tries to hide his desire to steal, kill, and destroy, your desire is always to bring life. He may try to dominate our environment, but you have dominion over all of creation. So, I pray that you would continue to thwart the enemy’s plans, reveal your wisdom to show us how to respond, and bring in your warring angels to put a stop to any hidden agendas. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Do You Remember 9/11?

911 prayer

I was taking a bus to work on September 11, 2001, when the bus driver informed us that a plane had hit one of the twin towers in New York City. I remember many of us on the bus were not only shocked, but we had a hard time believing that such a thing could be true.

When I reached my workplace, the phones were silent, a television program was showing what had happened, and people were just trying to cope with the news of this tragic event.

Do you remember what you were doing on September 11, 2001?


Heavenly Father,

Help us to make sense of 9/11. Where evil seeks to reside let your goodness prevail. Jesus is our Sovereign Judge and His justice will come to pass, holding those accountable for this horrific event. May you continue to speak your comfort and reassurance to every family member that has been touched by this tragedy. Amen.

Breakthrough Prayer

breakthrough prayer

It’s not easy to wait for a breakthrough to come your way. As in the photo above, the chick learned how to be patient while it was growing inside of its shell. It counted each day as it looked forward to moving beyond its living quarters. Finally, the day came when it was able to break free and explore life outside of its own confinement.

Are you in need of a breakthrough? Then, let’s pray about it:

Lord Jesus,

Help every person reading this prayer to overcome any barrier that stands in their way. Encourage them with your presence. Inspire them with your love. Speak to them about where they find themselves. Calm them with your peace, surround them with your strength, and cause them to soar to new heights with you.

Bring them into a pattern of rest for their souls. Remove their yokes of burden. Present them with your yoke which is easy and light. Allow your gentleness to smooth out any rough edges, your humbleness to extract any pride, and your ease of pace to free them from any tension or stress.

You are the potter, and they are the clay. Mold them and shape them with your living water, fire them in the kiln of your perfect love, and let them cool under the leading of your Holy Spirit.

Breathe life into their mortal bodies, empower them in their faithfulness towards you, and call them forward to finish the work on earth as it has been completed in heaven. Break the power of Satan’s control over their lives, establish them in your holy ways, and unite them together as ones you have chosen as holy and blameless before your throne room. Amen.