Taking Great Photos

I am an amateur photographer, but I love taking pictures.

Currently, we are on vacation in Manitoba, and I was able to snap a photo of this morning glory, at our friends place.

What do you think?

Taking great photos involves more than I know, but here are a few suggestions:

  • look for an opportunity to capture the beauty of God’s creation, and when you find it, take a shot.
  • think about what speaks to you in the photo: for example, in this photo, I wanted to capture the brilliance of light inherent within the flower.
  • share it with others: ask your friends what they think, see, and appreciate about your photo.
  • let God speak to you through your creativity.


Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us the opportunity to take photos. May we have fun as we learn, grow, and develop this passion with us. Amen.

Sorry For Your Loss


Over the past year, I have heard about the loss of many loved ones. So, I thought I would take a moment to express my sincere condolences to you.

If you have lost a loved one, then you are aware of your grief, pain, and maybe even relief?

In my own experience, my dad suffered with alzheimer’s, so it was actually a relief for me to see him go to be with Jesus. For I knew where he was going, and I knew his pain would be replaced with pure joy.

How about you? How would you describe your loss?


Lord Jesus,

Help us to process our loss with you, our friends, and our family. Give us your confidence that you will provide us with what what we need: comfort for our sorrow, peace for our anxiety, and perfect love to cast out all fear. If we need anything else, then may we simply ask you, knowing that you will always provide. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

He Believed In Me


My Dad passed away earlier this year, but he left me with the gift of believing in me. I am very grateful for such a fine example of a hardworking man, who loved the Lord Jesus, and who knew how to take care of his family.


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for the ways that our earthly fathers have believed in us. May their godly examples help us to lead our own children in ways that would honor and glorify your name. Amen.

My Favorite Teachers


Take a few moments to think about your favorite teachers. Who were they, and how did they inspire you?

My favorite teachers in school were my university professors: Dr. Wiebe helped me to think beyond my borders in his philosophy class. Dr. Shantz, as my advisor, was a very helpful and kind-hearted man. Dr. Evans taught me the new testament, the greek language, and he gave me permission to record his lectures. Finally, Dr. Broyles helped me to learn the old testament and the hebrew language.

What about you? Who were your favorite teachers, and what did they do to inspire you?


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for our teachers. Their involvement in our lives have inspired us to learn, think beyond our parameters, and prepared us for our future. May you bless them richly for the time and energy they have set aside for each one of their students. Amen.