Motivational Monday’s

motivational mondays

Good Morning,

It’s Monday! The beginning of a new week, and our opportunity to focus on what’s important. Today, I pray that you will be able to think about what matters to you. What is something you can to do help yourself today, and to prepare you for this week’s challenges?

As an example, if you are looking for somewhere to start, consider the theme in the above graphic. You can decide this week to focus on making better food choices, thinking of ways to stay fit and looking for opportunities to pray more often.

Any change that you can make for yourself, to improve your situation, will give you a better outlook on life.


Lord Jesus,

You are our life and the inspiration behind what really matters. May you encourage us through our struggles, strengthen us in the midst of any doubt, and call us to be brave wherever you lead us. Thank you for being our Shepherd who leads us into green pastures and beside still waters whenever we need to rest, to be replenished, and to be restored to health and well-being. Amen.