A Beautiful Morning

good morning jesus

Jesus of Nazareth has given us another day to fully enjoy. He has given us new life in His name, complete forgiveness for our sins, and a fully restored relationship with our Heavenly Father. We live and move and find our being completely in Him, and there is nothing, and no one, who will ever separate us from His love.

If you have started this morning feeling depressed, then let His encouragement fill you with joy. If fear is knocking at your door, then ask Him to remove it with His perfect love. If you are feeling troubled, then believe on Him, so that He can calm your weary heart, and even in the midst of feeling tired, you go to Him for much-needed rest.

So, let us rejoice this morning (especially if you don’t feel like it), and lift up your voice unto Jesus. For He is the author and perfecter of our faith, and He will remain faithful to complete the work He has started within every one of our lives.


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for creating a new day. In the next few moments, I ask you to hear me, as I share my thoughts and express my feelings to you. After this time, may you create a new space where I can hear your voice. As I listen to you, may the Holy Spirit inspire me with your Word, and direct my steps. For I want to know your thoughts and be mindful of your ways, as you walk with me throughout this day. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Birthday Prayer

birthday prayer


Lord Jesus,

Today, we celebrate the birth of everyone who was born on this day. Thank you for giving them life, a name worth remembering, and a reason for living. May you fill them with the desires of your heart, encourage them in their walk with you, and call them forward to fulfill their mandate on earth, as it is written in heaven.

Help them to truly feel loved, deeply appreciated, and encouraged by you. On this special day, bring loved ones around them, and send cards and gifts their way. Let them be filled with your joy, strengthened by your love, and treasured in the hearts of everyone who calls them their friend.

Thank you for the gift of this person, and the difference they have made in our lives. May the light of your countenance shine on their faces so they might know your great love and share that gift with others. Amen.

Write From Your Heart

write from your heart

Today, Jesus has helped me to better understand my need to be real. For when I am honest with myself, I can be true to others. This way of walking isn’t always easy, but it does free me to allow others to see me for who I truly am. Therefore, I will continue to show others my pain, share my struggles, rejoice in my victories, and let them know about my desire to write straight from my heart.

So, right now, may you also be encouraged in this endeavor with me. What would it look like for you to do the same thing? What if you lowered your defenses and shared your true feelings with your audience?


Lord Jesus,

Help each one of us as writers to share straight from our hearts. Give us the courage to step forward, the peace to conquer our fears, and the love to support this desire.  Let the outflow of your presence guide our steps. May your Holy Spirit inspire us to creatively release whatever you have placed within us. Thank you, Lord Jesus, Amen.

Caught In Time

caught in time

When you feel caught in time it feels like you can’t move. You feel stuck, and you may not know what to do, but to just stare straight ahead. You may feel discouraged, unwilling, and not sure why you exist. The very purposes of your life have no meaning, and so you just wait because that is all you can think of doing.

In case you were wondering, this is a reflection of my childhood, where I often sat on my bed for hours. Feeling numb, unmotivated, and just depressed. My mind was usually empty, my space was quiet, and sometimes I would look outside to see if there was anything happening.

Unfortunately, there are times even as an adult that I feel the pull to return to this empty place. I am not missed, no one notices my absence, and so I just sit and let things happen around me. I may be busy on the outside, but on the inside, I feel numb, defeated, and just alone.

If you have ever felt discouraged or depressed, or even feel like giving up, you know what I mean. Yesterday, I went to a Promise Keepers meeting close to where I live. One of the topics covered during the day was depression, and I was surprised to see how many men were there. So, if you struggle in this area, remember you are not alone, for many other people also feel the same way.


Lord Jesus,

You know how each one of us feels. Our own situation may be different, but we have many feelings in common with one another. Please comfort us when we feel discouraged, ease the pain of our depression, and speak your life into our lives, so that we can know that you care. Come sit with us, talk with us, and be our friend. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.