What Helps You Sleep?


In this post, I would like to mention a few things that might help you to enjoy a better sleep:

  1. You can choose to finish eating a few hours before bedtime, if digestion is an issue for you while you sleep.
  2. You may want to take a sleep aid, or a nausea pill, like Gravol to help you to fall asleep more quickly.
  3. If you have trouble staying asleep, try asking Jesus to help you to return to a state of rest.
  4. Get up and do something with your time if you feel restless, for example, try starting another WordPress post until you are ready for bed.
  5. Give your mind a rest at night by talking about your stressors during the day with a trusted friend.
  6. If thoughts keep you awake at night, then have a notepad and pen available beside you, so that you can write them down, and think about them in the morning.

Do you have any other suggestions that could help people get a better sleep?


Lord Jesus,

Give us ways to decompress, so that we can enjoy a better sleep. Help us to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep without any disturbances, and to wake up feeling refreshed. Thank you, Lord Jesus, Amen.

The Fragrance Of Your Love

20180813_155957_0001Marks of disgrace can easily follow those who face a mental health challenge. People may shy away from you, make fun of you, and even ridicule you, because they are blinded by their own ignorance.

What a shame!

If they took time to know the real you, and the image in whom you have been created, then maybe they might be more sympathetic in building an authentic relationship with you.

Do you agree?


Lord Jesus,

May you continue to lead us, as you help us to end the stigma about mental health issues. May we forgive those who have hurt us, and let you love those through us, who need to see your love. Thank you for showing us your grace and mercy, as we walk in the fragrance of your love. Amen.