I Have A Headache

i have a headache

Having a headache can make you feel miserable for most of the day. It can appear out of nowhere, especially when you are just trying to have a normal day, and it can hang around for a very long time.

Various forms of intervention like taking headache pills, using muscle relaxants, and even applying cold compresses can be helpful, but sometimes headaches are determined to stay, and even these remedies may only provide temporary relief.

In my observations of things, I have noticed that more women than men actually get headaches, and women have a harder time getting rid of them. Symptoms for women can include excessive muscle tension, nausea, inflammation, dizziness, energy drain, and even impairing their ability to think clearly.

Fortunately, women do have the ability to tune them out, or to forget about them for a while, but headaches don’t make it any easier for them, especially when they are just trying to live a normal life.

Multiple headaches appear to be associated with such things as previous trauma to the body and to the mind, but any single approach that I’ve observed appears to be limited in fully understanding the multi-faceted nature of the best remedy for relieving and removing the obstacles in the way of reoccurring headaches.

If you are a woman, and headaches continue to be an issue for you, please leave your comments with us. We would be happy to pray for you, as we become more aware of the complexities of this particular debilitating issue.


Lord Jesus,

I pray for your continued relief and ongoing comfort for every woman who suffers from headaches. May you provide your ongoing support, and helpful intervention, for any trauma connected to their body and their mind. Please give them your wisdom and understanding, so that they can put an end to their headaches. Grant them your complete freedom, so that they can fully live, and move, and find their being in you. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your constant care and your attention to every detail of their lives. Amen.

3 thoughts on “I Have A Headache

  1. simplywendi November 4, 2018 / 10:55 pm

    thank you so much David for this very specific prayer. i live with daily headaches d/t a neurological disorder. bless you for always thinking of others to pray for.


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