Why Do You Curse Jesus Christ?

why do you curse Jesus Christ

I thought I would ask the above question since I continue to hear people who use the Lord’s name in vain.

Whether I am commuting to work with someone who calls themselves a believer, or sitting in the cafeteria at work and listening to people talk, it amazes me how often people abuse the name of Jesus Christ.

I am also baffled by why people only use the name of Jesus Christ to curse? Why don’t they use Mohammed or Buddha or even Confuscious if they feel upset, frustrated, or downright mad?

Here are some initial thoughts as to why I think this may be happening:

  • an unbeliever’s spirit is convicted by the Holy Spirit when an authentic believer is within close proximity, and what I believe you actually hear is a demon speaking through the condemned person
  • every human being knows somewhere within their soul that they are made in God’s image, and they will be held accountable to Jesus Christ as their Sovereign Judge
  • demonic spirits curse in order to control their living host (the unbeliever themselves) since they don’t want the unbeliever to know about their need for God’s salvation

If you have any other reasons as to why you think people curse the name of Jesus Christ, please share your thoughts with us.


Lord Jesus,

I pray that you would come between every unbeliever and their demonic spirit. May you shut down the curses of Satan so that the eyes of every condemned person can see their need for your salvation. Give their blind eyes the sight to see you, and their deaf ears the ability to hear your voice.

May your grace and mercy be made evident to every condemned person, through your living Word, so that their heart of stone, can become a heart of flesh.

Holy Spirit, bring your conviction of sin to help them to choose life. Convince them of their need for Jesus Christ, and warn them of the coming judgement. Above all, bear your fruit within them, so that one day they may also be able to say: “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.” Amen.

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