A Matter Of Faith

a matter of faith

We live by faith in Jesus Christ, and this kind of faith is imperishable, as it looks for the blessed hope of His coming again. Every believer knows that faith gives them the confidence in what they hope for and the assurance about what they do not yet fully see. This kind of faith is what previous generations have been commended for, as they learned how to fully trust in God.

Faith chooses to love where hate is rampant, walks in forgiveness when misunderstanding occurs, and offers the peace of God through believing in Jesus Christ. The natural outpouring of its reality comes from laying down its life for others, always seeking their highest good, and depending on God to make things right whenever injustice occurs.

As we walk by faith, we also grow in faith, and we learn how to lean upon Jesus Christ more often, more quickly, and more easily. Even during times of uncertainty, we become more aware of His presence, more certain of His love, more determined to leave things in His hands, and more relaxed to follow Him wherever He goes.

Faith is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Like faith, a strong muscle, can carry heavy burdens more easily, and help others whenever they are in distress. A strong muscle does not need to overwork itself, and neither does faith, because faith has seen promises of God fulfilled, and waits in eager expectation for Him to bring everything to its fullest completion.

So, believing in Jesus Christ, is a matter of faith not just from the moment we believe, but during every step along the way, until the end of our journey when our faith truly becomes our sight.


Lord Jesus, may you show us how to accept you by faith, live by faith, and surrender our lives fully to you, so that faith can have its finished work within us. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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