Let’s Go Golfing!

lets go golfing

What does a golfer need in order to play a good game?

To answer this question, I asked a friend who is an avid golfer for her comments:

She mentioned to me that it’s important to have all of your golf clubs and to have them in good condition. Of course, you need a golf ball (or two or three if you have a bad shot). Things like golf tees, and golf glove, although you could play without them, they each have a purpose and help your game.

Comfortable golf shoes really help, since they give you a good grip.

If you’re going to play a good game you need to know and understand your equipment. Each golfer is unique, and each club in the hand of these unique golfers perform differently. You need to know your clubs, understand them and what they will do, and trust them to do their job if you handle them right.

It’s important to know the rules and etiquette of golf.

It’s nice to have a pretty course and great playing companions.

Finally, she mentioned to me that you have to have a good attitude. Don’t get upset if you miss a shot or two … or three! Keep perspective. Scramble out of trouble calmly and with clarity.

(Many thanks to Denise Gruber for her comments, since even those of us who don’t golf, can appreciate the perspective of a golfer who enjoys playing a good game.)


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for the perspective of other believers who know how to play a good game. Their insights are helpful to those of us who don’t understand, their passion for life encourages us in our weakness, and their leadership directs us to have fun while we learn and grow together. Amen.

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