Today’s Regrets

today's regrets

I was chatting with someone at work today about my regrets.

As I look back, I regret having come into contact with bullies. They make life miserable for everybody, as they seek to dominate everyone in their path of destruction.

I regret having come under their influence, having commuted with them, and having put up with their obsession to always be right.

As I have studied their profiles, it appears that bullies carry some form of paranoia that links back to their original abuse. Their behavior shows me that they actually find pleasure in controlling other people, and create an atmosphere of ungodly fear in order to keep others off balance and in complete submission.

So, I choose to pray for my abusers, and for those who have sought to abuse others. As the Lord has directed me, I continue to report abuse wherever I see it, so that others can find a safer haven. In the meantime, forgiveness is offered, just as I know I have been forgiven, so that I can be completely free from those who have no respect for human life.


Thank you Lord Jesus, that someday I will be able to look back over my regrets to see the prominence of your dominion. Today, I look forward to your coming kingdom where your justice will prevail, as a new heaven and a new earth unfold before you. Amen.

What regrets are you carrying with you from today?

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