Eat A Hearty Breakfast

eat a hearty breakfast

If you take care of others, then why would you also not take care of yourself?

Good Morning! I hope your morning is going well. I take it that you have already had a hot beverage, but what about the rest? What are you planning to eat for breakfast?

It’s easy to skip breakfast, or even have less food than you need, but this is the most important meal of the day. Yes, I know that I am speaking to the choir, and I am one of its members, but let’s remember to eat well. Ok?


Lord Jesus,

Help us to start our day off well, by spending time with you, and eating a hearty breakfast. May we receive our manna from you, as we study your Word, and may we eat good food to provide our body with the proper nutrition. Thank you for your gentle reminders, because of your great love for us. Amen.

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