Why I Am A Christian

why i am a christian

I just finished a book called “Why I Am A Christian”, by John Stott. You can read the first chapter of this book for yourself, here.

I am also a Christian because I was pursued by God’s love. One of my points of surrender came in 1987 while I was attending university. I had been listening to Chuck Swindoll, and his radio ministry called “Insight For Living”. I became impressed with how much this pastor knew about the Bible, and how he was able to explain it to his audience in simple terms.

Back in 1987, I was living off campus, and I really enjoyed listening to Christian radio. I was well into my second term of university studies when I remember listening to pastor Swindoll’s message one evening. It was on one particular night that things changed for me.

Chuck presented his message, as usual, and at the end of it he gave people a chance to respond. It was a familiar format for his program, but this particular night was different. While he gave his invitation, it felt like he was speaking directly to me. At that moment, I realize that God was speaking to my own heart. So, I knelt down in my room beside my study table and invited Jesus Christ to come into my life.

God invades our lives in different ways, and He pursues us because He loves us.

If you want to share how God has pursued you with His love, please leave a comment below.


Lord Jesus,

May you continue to pursue us with your love so that we can truly know and appreciate how much you really love us. Thank you! Amen.

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