The Truth About Chemtrails

the truth about chemtrails

So what is the truth about chemtrails? Are they actually contrails – meaning just water vapor in the sky – left over from the exhaust of planes flying over us?

Maybe these trails are the same thing that appears, but just in smaller quantities, when you are warming up your car on a cold winter’s day?

Growing up, I don’t remember seeing the haze in the sky lasting so long, the criss-cross patterns of the trails being so apparent, nor being concerned about the effects on our health. Rather, I actually remember days of bright blue skies, long-lasting sunshine, and being able to breathe in clean fresh air.

If you would like to begin to read resources on chemtrails, I would suggest that you start with Philip Stallings, and his article called: The Facts About Chemtrails. If you become aware of any other research on this topic, please let me know. Thanks!


Lord Jesus,

As much Satan tries to hide his desire to steal, kill, and destroy, your desire is always to bring life. He may try to dominate our environment, but you have dominion over all of creation. So, I pray that you would continue to thwart the enemy’s plans, reveal your wisdom to show us how to respond, and bring in your warring angels to put a stop to any hidden agendas. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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