Breakthrough Prayer

breakthrough prayer

It’s not easy to wait for a breakthrough to come your way. As in the photo above, the chick learned how to be patient while it was growing inside of its shell. It counted each day as it looked forward to moving beyond its living quarters. Finally, the day came when it was able to break free and explore life outside of its own confinement.

Are you in need of a breakthrough? Then, let’s pray about it:

Lord Jesus,

Help every person reading this prayer to overcome any barrier that stands in their way. Encourage them with your presence. Inspire them with your love. Speak to them about where they find themselves. Calm them with your peace, surround them with your strength, and cause them to soar to new heights with you.

Bring them into a pattern of rest for their souls. Remove their yokes of burden. Present them with your yoke which is easy and light. Allow your gentleness to smooth out any rough edges, your humbleness to extract any pride, and your ease of pace to free them from any tension or stress.

You are the potter, and they are the clay. Mold them and shape them with your living water, fire them in the kiln of your perfect love, and let them cool under the leading of your Holy Spirit.

Breathe life into their mortal bodies, empower them in their faithfulness towards you, and call them forward to finish the work on earth as it has been completed in heaven. Break the power of Satan’s control over their lives, establish them in your holy ways, and unite them together as ones you have chosen as holy and blameless before your throne room. Amen.

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