Staying In Denial

remaining in denial

Denial can be a necessary coping mechanism to get you through tough times. However, if you are living in a safe place, then why do you need denial?

If you have ever been abused, then being able to survive has been your primary duty to try to live a normal life. You know what you’ve been through, and how it feels on the inside, even if you can’t remember the exact details. In fact, your mind may not allow you to think about such things because it’s too painful and too embarrassing.

So, how do you move beyond denial? It exists in the background, and most of the time you forget that its there, except when you have trouble functioning. Sometimes things get in the way that interfere with your well-being, and all of a sudden you feel out of sorts. You feel overwhelmed, and you don’t know what to do, except to hope that it passes away quickly.

When it becomes too uncomfortable to accept the truth about something, then it may seem better to reject it. To move as far away as possible from it, so that it never hurts you again. Keeping it far away can be an effective strategy, but there are better options available if you are a believer in Jesus Christ.

One way to move forward is to invite Jesus of Nazareth to come and be with you. Ask Him to come and listen to your heart, for He is your Great Physician. Tell Him about your feelings inside, and what you worry about. You will see Him being very attentive and kind towards you, as you share your hurt and your pain.

Once you have shared from your heart, then listen for His response. You might hear Him bring a word to your mind, or maybe see a picture He is revealing. If at any moment you feel unsure, then ask Jesus to stop what is happening, and to show you His comfort. For He always shares His perfect love with you whenever you feel afraid, and brings you His peace to guard your heart and your mind.

Let Him provide the safety and security of His presence, as He stays with you, and supports you during this time. He will not allow anything to harm you, and you can rest secure in His loving arms. You might even want to journal about your feelings, and your interactions with Him, as He speaks to you.

There are many reasons why we bury things from our past, and not all of them need to be addressed. However, if you are feeling stuck, and having difficulty moving forward, then Jesus can help you by coming to be with you. He can show you why you have said “no” to certain things, and why you have kept them at arm’s length.

Jesus can bring freedom to you at any moment, regardless of where you are on your journey with Him, even if it means helping you to clarify your thoughts, and to have a greater peace in your heart.

So, as you and Jesus spend time together, ask Him about revealing His truth in places of discomfort. His truth brings healing, and the light of His love. It removes fear, gives you hope, and the assurance of His salvation. For He desires to help you to move forward through any troubling time in your life.


Lord Jesus,

I trust you, and I ask you to help me to move through my moments of denial. You are the truth, and your truth sets me free. Show me how to walk in your integrity, so that I can more fully live, and move, and find my being in you.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for answering this prayer, for you are the Son who sets me free, and when you set me free, I am free indeed! Amen.

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