Snuggle Prayer

snuggle prayer

May you embrace your inheritance as a child in God’s kingdom, who is fully protected and secure in Jesus of Nazareth. There is nothing for you to do, except to enjoy His perfect love, settle into His peace, and move into the warmth of His presence.

Jesus of Nazareth is your most trusted friend. He will come to you if you ask Him, or you can go to Him if you want to. For He waits for you with much anticipation, because He loves you very much, and He enjoys spending time with you. So why don’t you spend the next few moments enjoying His presence?

Are you weary? Then relax in His presence, so that He can give you rest. Are you sick? He is your Great Physician, who longs to comfort you and to make you feel better. Are you lonely? Speak to Him, for He can calm your troubled heart. Are you afraid? Remember, He will always be your reassuring peace.

When you are in doubt, His faith will be your constant anchor to restore your lost hope. In the midst of giving up, choose to lean upon Him for your continued strength. When you feel vulnerable, let Him cover you under the shelter of His wings. So child, rest secure in His love for you, for it never changes and it has no end.


2 thoughts on “Snuggle Prayer

  1. Lori March 7, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    I love this one!!!!


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