Managing Your Frustration

managing your frustrations

It’s easy to feel disappointed when things don’t go your way. You might not even understand why things are not working, and your endless attempts at trying to fix them can make you feel like giving up.

When things like this happen, it’s a good idea to take a momentary break. To actually divert your attention towards something else. What do you need to do for yourself, in order to be more productive? Do you need to take a rest, have something to eat, or even talk with someone?

Much of our work today has many time constraints. You need to be productive if you want to get paid. Your job depends on it, and sometimes others don’t understand your personal struggles. It’s easy to keep your struggles to yourself, to just forge ahead, and thereby ignore them (if you’ve tried this, then you know it doesn’t work).

During these stressful times, you can learn what works, by learning from your mistakes. Are you pushing yourself too hard? When was the last time you actually talked to someone about your concerns? If you keep them bottled up inside of you, then how can you expect anyone to help you?

As you learn, mature, and grow, then things can change. You can set the pace so that you don’t burn out, and you can realize that you don’t have to say “yes” to everyone who asks you.

Practicing some self-care allows you to be in touch with your own body, and to listen to yourself. Now don’t tell me that you don’t talk to yourself? Chances are you do, and if you don’t listen to yourself, then why do you expect anything to change?

So, take some time right now, within the next few minutes, and dialogue with Jesus of Nazareth. Share your concerns with Him, express your frustrations, and then wait for Him to respond. Allow your silence to yield to His gentleness. Let your anger be swept away by His kindness, and welcome His love to give you a fresh start.

By making time for being vulnerable, your attitude can change. Your mind can rest, and your body can start to relax so that Jesus can settle the core of your being. You can learn to trust Him to lead the way, to help you to manage your frustrations, and to get you moving in a better direction.

(P.S. No prayer is included here because that prayer is between you and God). Amen.

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