Gay Prayer

gay prayer

Heavenly Father,

I pray for those who consider themselves to be gay. May you fill them with your love and surround them with your care. Let them know of your presence, and how much you desire for them to come to know you, as their Father in Heaven.

Please remove the traces of man’s condemnation and mocking, for man’s judgment is harsh and critical. It creates barriers to dialogue and brings division that breeds hostility. Whereas your love is genuine, and your conviction leads to life.

Holy Spirit, you know how to convey the love of the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, in a way the honors the person, and restores their dignity.

Lord Jesus, you are the Father’s love in person, for you came so that everyone who believes in you will not perish, but have eternal life. You paid the price for our sins in full on the cross, and you are the way to a restored, life-giving relationship with our Heavenly Father.

So, Father, let this prayer come to anyone who is willing to receive it. Remind them that they are not alone, they are greatly loved, and even when they feel misunderstood, you do not reject them. Why? Because Jesus of Nazareth is real, His love is genuine, and those who know God walk in love for one another. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Gay Prayer

  1. Tom February 9, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    David, we attended a church many years ago in which the pastor regularly harangued against homosexuals from the pulpit. It finally reached a point where I could not tolerate it any more. We need to be inviting people to Jesus Christ, not haranguing against them from a self-righteous soapbox. Sin is sin and we can’t whitewash it, but we also need to be inviting not harshly condemning. Christ forgave my sins and tells me to sin no more. Let’s point people to Jesus Christ.


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