A Heavy Heart

a heavy heart

Are you weighed down by grief or sadness? Maybe a loved one has passed away in your life, or maybe you have broken up with someone you love. Either way, it’s not easy for you now, but things won’t always stay the same if you are willing to trust God to lead the way.

God’s love can bring you comfort right now, and His care can bear your sorrow. His kindness is remarkable, for He knows just what you need. It may be difficult to get in touch with your emotions, and maybe you feel numb from the pain, but that’s just an awareness that comes when you are starting to grieve.

As you choose to grieve, you will not do it in the same way, or at the same time, as everyone else, but you will need to do it. Covering up your grief or sadness, and pushing it away, will not help you. Rather, it will delay your healing and impede your functioning. Your pain needs to find an outlet if you are going to find relief and be able to move forward.

God is near to you, and He cares for you. He is able to strengthen you in the midst of any adversity. You can cast your burdens on Him. If you feel afraid, then let His perfect love cast out all fear. When you feel anxious, let Him guard your heart and your mind with His peace. In the midst of overwhelm, let His comfort soothe the ache in your heart and the pain in your soul.

There is nothing impossible for God to do, and with Him, you can do all things. So, take time to share your grief with Him, and let Him help you in your sadness. Fellow believers in Jesus can also help you if they are willing to listen to you, and just be your friend. So, choose to come forward if you are needing to talk to someone. Ask for help, so that you can share your burden with others.


Heavenly Father,

May you reveal your love to everyone who is grieving and going through a difficult time. Let your care and your kindness be the refuge for their soul. May the love of your Son, Jesus of Nazareth, embrace them in their weakness, comfort them in their pain, and give them rest to fully recover.

You know how to speak your words of life to everyone who is troubled. You call them by their beautiful names to come to you as they are. You secure them in your love and satisfy them in their hunger for an intimate relationship with you. Let them come forward to receive your love, knowing that they can trust you, hear from you, and remain with you, as long as they desire.

To you be the glory Father, Amen.

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