The Spirit of Truth

our comforter

Jesus precedes this verse with “those who love me will keep my commands”, before He goes on to tell us about the promise of the Holy Spirit. By knowing and keeping His commands, we show Him that we love Him. By loving Jesus, we will also be loved by the Father, and Jesus will also love us and reveal Himself to us.

Within this context, Jesus reveals the coming of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting how the Holy Spirit is also known as the Spirit of Truth. This is contrasted with the spirit of falsehood which pervades the world, and is at the heart of the Satan’s deception.

Jesus reveals that the Holy Spirit will be our Helper , and He will be with us forever. The world cannot receive Him, because it does not see Him or know Him. The eyes of the world are blind to the things of Jesus, and that is why we must be born again, we must become like a child, if we are to enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

As a believers in Jesus Christ, we can know the Holy Spirit, because He abides with us, and will be in us. I pray that today, we will spend time getting to know the Holy Spirit, if He is new to us. If we happen to know Him well, then let’s thank Him for being our Helper, and for making the things of Jesus known to us. Amen.

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