Perfect Love

perfect love

God’s love is shown to us in Jesus Christ, who came into the world as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. It is God’s desire that we respond to His love, by accepting the payment that Jesus made on our behalf. Jesus died for our sins in full, so that we could be fully restored in relationship to our Heavenly Father.

This kind of love is perfect love, because God is love. Perfect love removes fear, and it is the punishment for all sin. Today, let Jesus begin to drive out your fear, and take it away. Allow His love for you to make you whole. Let it fill in the cracks of your soul to comfort, encourage and strengthen you. His love can really make the difference.

A prayer to God can be as simple as this. Let Him help you. He knows your weaknesses, and He wants to be your strength. He sees your pain and sorrow, and He knows how to comfort you. Accept the finished work of Jesus at the cross for your sins, and His resurrection from the dead, so that God can perfect you in His love.

If you require His love, then tell Him. If you love Him, then let Him know.


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