Learn To Rest

learn to rest

God’s rest is not something that is earned, nor deserved, it is simply a gift from God.

The children of Israel made the mistake of refusing God’s rest when He offered it to them. In like manner, we can refuse His rest when He offers it to us.

Jesus knows that we grow tired and weary, and He wants us to come to Him for our rest. He is able to take our yokes of burden from us – those things that weigh us down. In exchange, He offers us His yoke which is easy and light.

In the midst of our trials, we can also learn from Jesus, because He is gentle and humble of heart, and He knows how to teach us the rhythms of His grace.

That is why we need to learn to rest. It is not something that comes easy to all of us. Some of us fight it by staying busy. We try to escape the stillness and quietness that the Lord constantly provides for us. When we do this, then we grow weary and tired. He knows that we need to rest, so why not learn from Him how to rest?


Lord Jesus,

I need to rest. Forgive me for refusing your rest. You create spaces for me to lie down besides streams of living water. You desire to restore my soul. I welcome your rest, and I choose to take your yoke upon me, so that I can learn from you. Show me how to live this life, and to receive my life from you. Thank you for being gentle and kind, as you teach me how to walk in the unforced rhythms of your grace that lead to eternal life.


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