Prayer For Literacy


I pray for you if you are struggling with literacy. May you receive from the LORD the abilities to read and write. May you be given opportunities to learn from good teachers, and the necessary time for studying. Remember to give your body time to rest, your mind time to learn, and listen to your teachers as they speak with you.

I challenge you to be committed to being a good student by attending your classes, paying attention to what you are learning, and taking time to practice your new skills. Be encouraged to talk about what you are learning, even when you make mistakes. Look for opportunities to connect with people, and if you need extra help for learning, make sure you let someone know.

Remember to read the Bible, for it will be a light for your feet, and a lamp unto your path (Psalm 119:105). May God give you the ability to understand what you are learning, just as God gave King David wisdom concerning the plans for the temple (1 Chronicles 28). My He inspire you, and fill you with His enthusiasm, as you learn to read better, write more efficiently, and communicate more effectively.

God bless you! Amen.

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