Prayer for South Africa

prayer for south africa


I pray for South Africa in the following areas:

  • a better education system: may you provide the wisdom and direction needed to create enough classroom spaces for children of school age, and may you enhance the quality of education for poor communities. Give the people ears to hear, and a desire to make changes in the classroom, as you direct them.
  • address the system of corruption: send in godly men and women to hold people accountable for their misconduct. Bring in a fair justice system to prosecute people who choose to steal from others, and make them accountable for making amends.
  • deal with poverty and hunger issues:  help those who are starving to be fed, those who need shelter to find a safe place to live, and those who need training to find suitable working conditions. May you draw attention to their needs, and bring in workers who will prepare them for a better future.
  • send in the workers of the harvest: bring times of revival upon the land, so the people can turn to Jesus of Nazareth for their salvation. May your Holy Spirit convict people of their sin, convince them of their need for Jesus, lead them into all truth, and bear His fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) within their lives.

I thank you for the people of South Africa. May they see that your plans are good for them. You wish them no harm, but only their greatest good. You want to prosper them and to give them a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11), and their hope is found in your Son, Jesus of Nazareth.


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