Do You Pray?

do you pray

When I speak about praying, I’m referring to talking with God – sharing your concerns and listening to Him.  This involves a dynamic relationship where you feel loved, you know you are forgiven, and you look forward to enjoying this relationship throughout eternity.

Father, I pray that you would invite people to share their response to this question. Give them the opportunity to express how they feel, and what they think, about their relationship with you. Amen.

One thought on “Do You Pray?

  • God has spoken! I know that God is with me, and He forgave all my sins, for what God says, he does it. He does not lie. Many many times have God told me, He will never leave nor forsaken me, and I must believe it. I must believe that God forgave my sins, even though so many countless times I have failed him. But one thing remains. His Love for me. His Spirit is with me! Amen! Blessed are you God, amen! -Rockenster15

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