You Inspire Me


Father, you inspire me. You give me reason to live, and you give me hope for the future. I am truly blessed to be able to take refuge in you, and to taste and see that you are good (Psalm 34:8). Your goodness shines through to me, as you open my eyes to see what you have created. Your works are marvelous, and there is no one like you.

You fill me with your presence, for I am a temple of the Holy Spirit, and I belong to you. At such a great price you have redeemed me, therefore I will honor you with my body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)  Thank you for sending your one and only Son – Jesus of Nazareth – to die for my sins. He died, He rose again, and He is alive forevermore.

You are my safe place, because you are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust (Psalm 91:2). You help me in times of trouble, therefore I will not be afraid. I love to dwell in the shelter of the Most High, because I find rest under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1). Your protection renews my strength, and satisfies my soul.

Your plans are good for me for you want me to prosper, you will not harm me, and you are the One who gives me a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Thank you for desiring the very best for me. Your love, grace, and mercy upon my life causes me to stand in awe of you. To think that you would do this for me, is too marvelous for words.

I am in awe of you, Lord God Almighty. May all the earth fear the LORD; let the inhabitants of the earth stand in awe of Him (Psalm 33:8). I know that you are God, and you will be exalted among the nations and throughout all the earth (Psalm 46:10). You are mighty, you are holy, and there is none but you.

You inspire me, for I have seen your goodness, and you give me hope for the future. Thank you for being such an amazing Father!

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