Taking Higher Ground

Higher Ground

What does it mean to take higher ground? As I survey scripture, this is what I find:

When we are lacking in wisdom, we can always ask God. Wisdom calls out to us, meeting us at the highest point, along where the paths meet, and she speaks to anyone who is willing to listen (Proverbs 8:1-2).

God is always willing to save us and place us on solid ground. He brings us out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, and sets our feet upon a rock where our feet are firmly established (Psalm 40:2).

God give us opportunity to call out to Him, especially when our heart is faint. In our weakness, He will lead us to Himself, for He is the rock that is higher than us (Psalm 61:2).

As we remember His fame, we can stand in awe of His deeds. We can ask Him to repeat them in our day, and in our time make them known. We can remember His mercy, and that He is our strength; he makes our feet like the feet of a deer, he enables us to tread on the heights (Habakkuk 3:2;19).


LORD GOD, I call out to you for your wisdom. I ask you to save me from the pit of destruction, and plant my feet firmly on solid ground. You, Lord Jesus, are that solid rock, the firm foundation on which I stand. I recall the great things you have done in my life, and I remember your mercy. May your fame be known throughout all the earth, and may you enable me to stand with you on great heights. Amen.

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