A Thankful Wife



Thank you for my husband, and how attentive he is to my needs:

  • For being willing to spend time with me, even when I know he needs to work.
  • How helpful he is around the house when things need to be done.
  • Listening to me when I become emotional, and how he doesn’t try to fix me.
  • Assisting with the kids, especially when I’m tired.
  • Showing care and concern to my extended family.
  • Keeping things tidy, and making repairs as needed.
  • Being mindful of putting on clean clothes, and clothes that match.

I enjoy doing things together with him like taking walks and playing games. He often compliments me, and brings me reminders, like fresh flowers, to show how much he really loves me. He not only loves me, he likes me, and he is nice to me, even when I am not nice to myself. He is growing in his understanding of my love language – what speaks love to me- and I thank you for our growing love for each other.


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