Redirection Prayer

We live in a world where it’s easy to become distracted. You just have to go down your street to see the numerous signs seeking your attention. For example, businesses want your attention, and they will do anything to entice you to come into their premises. 

Social media can also easily lead you astray. When you visit a website, it’s not uncommon to be swamped with advertisements, as you try to find what you are looking for. Once again, advertisers want your attention, and they track where you are going, to try to influence your decisions. 

Even within your own home, you realize that it’s easy to become distracted. There are chores to be done, including posts to write, and you only have so much time in your day to get things done. So, today if you are feeling like you are being pulled in many directions, then let Jesus of Nazareth come to help you.


Lord Jesus, 

In the midst of my own busyness, I realize that its easy for me to forget about you. Please forgive me for focusing my attention on menial details, and letting my distractions get the best of me. Please remove any ungodly distractions from me, as you draw me close to yourself, and minister to my needs. 

I give you my full permission to help me to stay focused on you. I look forward to seeing what you want to show me, how you want to speak to me, and what you have prepared for me, as we spend time with each other. 

Thank you for your continued mercy, your ongoing grace, and your marvelous love. You desire the best for me, as you gather me to yourself so that we can walk together in seeing your kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. Amen. 

Peace For Your Soul

bringing peace to your soul

As you come into the awareness of God’s presence with you today, may you find peace for your soul.

His peace passes all of your understanding, as it guards your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. Let this truth resonate in your mind, and flow down into your heart. Let the Person of Truth (Jesus of Nazareth) reassure you of His connection with you, even when you are struggling to make sense of your day.

A branch abides in the vine, even when it wonders if the vine is still there. The vine is responsible to uphold and nourish every branch within itself so that each branch can bear much fruit.

The vine depends on the vinedresser (the Father Himself) to lift up every branch that is burdened by the cares of this world. The vine (Jesus of Nazareth) is fully connected to the vinedresser (the Father), and they are both fully committed to nurture every branch that has been carefully grafted into the vine, by God’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

God establishes His peace within you, and for you, because His peace is found in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself is your peace, and His peace never leaves you, even when circumstances change your focus.

His peace is already established within you, just as the life of the vine is already established within each the branch.

Therefore, let Him show you how His peace can calm your mind and soothe your troubled heart. Lean into Him, rest in His presence, and let Him soothe your soul with His comfort.


Lord Jesus, may you reveal your peace within every branch (of every believer), as they choose to simply rest and remain in you. Amen.

Giving Pain A Voice

giving pain a voice

I had a dream last Sunday morning where the Lord brought me into a place where I could recognize my own pain.

The snippet of the dream that I remember included a woman who was digging into rock. I came to her, and I noticed that she had a few things to offer me, including water to drink, so she took my water and exchanged it for her own water. (this reminded me of the woman that Jesus visited at the well)

In the next part of the dream, I was with a group of other people, who were also in pain. At that moment, I could hear people singing over us and saying to us: “there is power in the midst of pain.”

Finally, the last part of my dream was where I was with my wife, and we were staying together, in this place of retreat.

If pain could speak to you, what would it say?


Lord Jesus,

It’s easier at times to see the pain in others, but to neglect the pain within ourselves. Thank you for bringing each one of us into a place where we can recognize our own pain, and seek your healing. Amen.

Ungodly Demands On Women

ungodly demands on women

I have become more acutely aware of the ungodly demands being placed on women, over the last several weeks.

Some women are dealing with a range of emotional issues, for example, where its easier for them to dissociate, rather than for them to be overwhelmed with the fatigue of trying to handle everything at once.

Fortunately, many of them are quick learners, and they have learned how to compartmentalize and maintain order while trying to make sense of chaos. Their ability to function, and focus on what’s important, is remarkable, even when they know that they are hurting on the inside.

Every redeemed woman has God’s Spirit on the inside so that they can function more fully as a daughter in His kingdom. They are learning what it means to be His child, walk in His identity alone, and be released from serving false images that unredeemed man, under Satan’s influence, has forced them to adopt.

Every daughter can even be set free from any ungodly authority that has sought to harass her, because, with encouragement, God is able to secure her in His freedom, restore her in His hope, provide her with His peace, and surround her with His amazing love.


As a daughter, in His kingdom, may Jesus of Nazareth continue to come between you and everything that places an ungodly influence upon your life.

You were made in His image, and He has called you specifically by name, to fulfill His unique calling on your life. Therefore, let nothing stand in your way from moving forward, finding His rest, and enjoying His comfort.

You were made for more than this, and this is what Jesus of Nazareth will help you to discover, as you keep your eyes focused on Him, and learn to walk in His ways. Amen.