Good Digestion

digestion prayer

Digesting food is not always easy for some people. There are certain individuals who need to take digestive aids, acid reducers, and even gas eliminators to help them to process food. Indigestion can make them feel uncomfortable, nauseated, and even scared to ever eat again. If you struggle with food digestion, then here are a few suggestions:

  • Slow down when you’re eating and take time to enjoy your food.
  • Eat smaller portions of food more frequently throughout your day.
  • Drink fluids that support your eating – for example ginger ale or ginger tea can support a troubled tummy.
  • Take a brief walk after a meal to stimulate your digestion.
  • Don’t eat too late before going to bed.
  • Eat healthy foods and only indulge in the occasional treat.
  • Get tested for food allergies if you don’t understand what is causing your indigestion.
  • Consider taking a probiotic to promote good gut bacteria.
  • Think about using apple cider vinegar before eating, if you lack sufficient stomach acid for good digestion.

Lord Jesus,

Please help me to achieve good digestion. Talk to me about what I need to do, and the things I need to avoid. Bring healing to those areas in my body that struggle with food. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer and leading me towards good digestion. Amen.

Don’t Leave Me Alone

don't leave me alone

Do you struggle with autophobia? Are you afraid of being alone? Many people struggle with this particular phobia, which severely limits a person’s ability to enjoy life. If you find it difficult to be alone, you are in good company. An estimated 4,000 people every month look for solutions to help them to overcome this extreme fear.

Take a few moments to see if you recognize any of these autophobia symptoms. You might be surprised by what you find. If your particular symptom is missing, feel free to let us know. Which of these symptoms are true for you?

Autophobia Symptoms:

  • you may be unable to be left alone without experiencing a barrage of negative thoughts related to an accumulation of past failures. You may also hear voices or noises which would cause you to believe that someone is seeking to hurt you.
  • you may require the constant companionship of another person in order to feel safe and secure.
  • you are easily overwhelmed by continual negative thinking when left alone, which doesn’t appear to originate with yourself. There appears to be external sources to these thoughts which are very difficult for you to tolerate.
  • you are unable to enjoy a good night’s sleep, because you can’t turn off your anxious mind in order to rest and relax.
  • you experience periods of intense anxiety which may have caused you to believe that you were having a heart attack. Other symptoms may include shortness of breath, and intense sweating.
  • you may experience feelings of being unloved, unrecognized, and even abandoned, even if you are surrounded by other people.
  • you may feel sad, depressed, or discouraged for significant periods of time due to the difficulty, or lack of meaning, in your life.
  • you may feel invisible and even insignificant, especially if you perceive that others will easily forget about you.
  • feelings of a strong hate or dislike towards yourself can be a common occurrence. You may also be unhappy with who you are, the way you look, or how you are perceived by others.
  • you find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships. You feel the need to have others around you, but you also know that your dependence on others has caused people to leave you. You tend to cling to familiar people so that you don’t have to face life alone.

Be encouraged! Autophobia is not only a real condition, but it doesn’t have to limit your ability to enjoy life. Remember, other people also share many of the same symptoms. As you share your story with others, you will also meet people to remind you that you are not alone.

If you wish to discuss this article, or share your particular symptoms, leave a comment below. Thanks for your response. We look forward to hearing from you!


Heavenly Father,

I am feeling all alone, and I ask you to come and be with me. Reassure me of your presence. Remind me of your genuine love. Encourage me during my moments of despair. Give me eyes to see you, ears to hear from you, and a heart to trust you, once again.

My anxious thoughts are overwhelming me, and my burdens are weighing me down. My soul needs to be refreshed by your love. My mind cries out for your peace. My body needs your rest. I am so undone that I don’t have anything else to give.

I lean on you to hold me. I trust you to support me. I rely on you to give me strength.

In your great love, you sent Jesus of Nazareth to die for me, to restore me, and to give me a future and a hope. For you are a good Father, and I am blessed to be one of your children. Thank you, for being here with me now. Amen.

Afraid To Fly

are you afraid to fly

There are many ways in which you can alleviate much of your fear when it comes to flying. The next time you become anxious about air travel think about these 5 key strategies for calming your fear:

1) Remember that plane crashes in general are extremely rare in comparison to the number of planes which safely reach their destination. The news media doesn’t report on the safe take-offs and landings of planes, because it lacks the sensation of drawing a crowd.

2) Recognize that most people do feel a bit anxious when they fly on an airplane. As you observe other people on the plane you might recognize some of their own anxiety. Now, look at the people who are staying calm. What are they doing? Are they sleeping, reading a book, a newspaper, or a magazine. Are they listening to music, or watching a movie?  Identify within yourself what looks relaxing, and do likewise.

3) Be confident in the training and experience of the pilots, and other crew members, on the airplane. Be aware that they are employed by the airline to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable flight. So, choose to rest and relax knowing that many other people have the responsibility of taking care of you.

4) Ask yourself what you are afraid of? Be specific here. Write down what you hear yourself saying, and ask Jesus to intervene on your behalf. As you listen to Him, your fear will begin to dissipate, so that you can hold onto what He reveals to you. Ask Him also to share a scripture verse with you, so that you can meditate upon it, as you travel.

5) Enjoy some food, or drink a beverage, to help you to make the most of your trip. Worrying doesn’t add a single moment to your life, so why not focus on things with gratitude. What are you thankful for? Give God praise as He reminds you of the many blessings that come from Him.


Lord Jesus,

I give you my anxious thoughts. I apologize for focusing on me, instead of depending on you. I trust you to deliver me safely and to help me to enjoy my time on this plane. Please remove my fear. Secure me with your steadfast love. Assure me of your tender mercies. Fill me with your lavish grace. Hold me if I become scared. Comfort me if I feel distressed. I choose to rest, remain, and abide with you, knowing that you will take care of me. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Safe Travel Prayer

safe travel prayer

If you find yourself getting ready to travel, then it is a good idea to pray for your safety. You might have many things to do to get ready, and prayer can end up being the last thing on your mind. So, why don’t you just relax, and let others pray for you, so that you can enjoy your travel, and trust God to see you through every step of the way.


Lord Jesus,

Every believer in you is safe and secure. Their names are engraved in the palm of your hands, and no one can snatch them away. You uphold them with your righteous right hand, allowing none of them to be forgotten, and honoring your Father’s promise to keep them safe.

They can rest secure in your love, as they remain and abide with you. Your presence enables them to find strength when they are weak, peace when they are afraid, and joy when they feel troubled.

During their travel, give them reminders of your love, help them to anticipate the best, and encourage them as they move forward. Comfort them when they feel insecure, delight over them with your singing, and teach them your ways as they look to you.

As they return home, help them to recover from any fatigue, settle them with promises from your Word, and assist them as they transition back into their daily routine.

Thank you for every traveler who chooses to believe in you, lean on you, and trust you with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Amen.